The B2B-Crowd

One of the largest Industry Platforms as Cloud Application.

You have a website? We have something for you.

The B2B Crowd provides publishers, agencies and domain owners a unique tool for users and customers to provide added value, increase income and reduce duplicate and old data.
Focus on your strengths, such as marketing, promotion and the core area of your website. We run the company directory.

There are thousands of companies directories. Many are very small and the operators are busy with the gathering of new listings. Many are purchased address databases, where each record contains little raw and mostly outdated data. Both are bad for the user. No company will regularly maintain more than 20 company listings.

With the B2B-Crowd you have an ever-growing and up-to-date directory without effort.

Company directory

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90% Complete
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80% Complete

When I hear website publisher launching another company directory today, I think about all the duplicated data. The principle of the Internet is the networking, new technologies are cloud or crowd-based. That is why we are pioneers, offering business search engines as Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

One solution - many advantages

company listings in the cloud

Websites, Portals, Intranet

Save yourself the setup of a new directory, simply integrate the topic you need from the B2B-Cloud and earn at premium listings.

B2B, SEM, Advertising Agencies

Talk to your customers about the B2B-Cloud. Take advantage of the advertising opportunities as perfect SEO measures. Earn commissions.

Entrepreneurs, Domainer

You are good at marketing and want to start a new project, or simply have a good domain which is currently parked - link your parked domains.

free version:
Custom frame design with predefined categories and contribution options. Various Snippets and feeds to embed in your own website.

Premium Version:
Own categories, more individual design possibilities.

The directory and its data are provided to you as the DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The data can not be used for other purposes. The full system is hosted on our own hardware and without third-party modules in Germany. The updating of information is done through the cloud participants who review and approval by us.

  1. Register as a Partner
  2. Select the desired integration options
  3. and embed the snippets on your website
You do not need any additional hardware or software.

The earning opportunities are manifold. Direct you earn on premium listings, advertising budgets, pay per click search and premium versions

Indirectly, new services for you: Listing updates, data collecting, translations, product photos, corporate videos, PDF brochures;

Registered companies have the advantage that they are looked after by a local partner and its updated listing soon appears on all participating portals with the new data. The choice to have selected the right platform for advertising is reinforced by the network, because efficiency avoids unnecessarily high prices here.

Operator concept

You do marketing and design, and we data, technology and development. The B2B-Crowd provides you a business directory within minutes. You have a new added value for your website and users will stay longer on your site.

Our examples

26.2 million Global suppliers and service providers as a crowdsourcing platform of the shareconomy.







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